About Us: Summer Play Camp at Blue Rock School

girl picking snacking on garden greens in front of raised vegetable bed
Our camp is located on the campus of Blue Rock School, a progressive independent school in Rockland County. Activities and play take place outdoors on our beautiful four acre property, in the classrooms of Blue Rock School's 18th century farmhouse, and in two additional sunny, spacious buildings.

Small Groups Doing Big Things

Summer Play Camp is small and cozy. When setting a rhythm for the day, we strive to create a balance between scheduled activities and opportunity for choice and free play. Each camper has a home group of around twelve kids, led by an adult along with junior counselors and CITs. In the morning, the groups go to two scheduled activities that vary throughout the week. They might make a sock doll with our sewing instructor, or work on a fairy tree house with our woodworking guru. Then the whole camp enjoys lunch together outdoors, where if they are feeling brave the kids can get up on stage and tell a joke or riddle. In the afternoon, the kids have choices for stations to visit. A child who's feeling extra wiggly might decide on outdoor games followed by swim. A camper who wants a little peace and quiet might return to the art room to finish the painting he started that morning. Lunch and afternoon choice time let kids meet campers from other groups, and they often form special friendships across age groups. Staff quickly get to know all the kids, and all of this makes for a close-knit, warm community.

Indoor Creating and Outdoor Exploring

Our playgrounds, gardens and wooded hillsides are special places to explore and they are beloved to the campers that return year after year. And the classrooms also offer space for learning, creativity, and fun. Unlike camps that focus on one type of activity, such as soccer or pottery, Blue Rock lets kids explore many interests. They can make a ceramic duck one day, play capture the flag the next, or learn to checkmate their friends in chess. The oldest groups also go on excursions once a week. Our kids have hiked to the top of a mountain and roasted marshmallows over a campfire, caught frogs, picked wild blueberries, swam in a cool lake, and explored a dark and mysterious cave. Everyone gathers in the playground at the end of the day to wait for pickup and enjoy a frozen juice ice pop.

Friendships that Last

With our relaxed pace, we find that the friendships formed at Summer Play Camp are special and strong. Our adult group leaders manage the natural conflicts of childhood expertly, transforming them into learning opportunities. Parents often tell us how much their child has grown emotionally in the time they've they spend with us.

Our Philosophy
boy playing with clay

At Summer Play Camp we believe that children grow by doing - and through direct experience.  Just for a bit, our camp brings back the old-fashioned, screen free, endless days of summer that we all remember. 

Our History
Planting seed in raised garden bed

Summer Play at Blue Rock School is a five week program  that was started in 2001 by parents and teachers to provide a safe, child-centered and joyous experience for campers, and to share the "Blue Rock Experience" with the broader community.